The difficulties we have in the present often have their origins in experiences from the past. Sometimes people may seek therapy to try and make a shift in areas that feel stuck or habitual – whether in everyday behavior or personal relationships. A supportive therapeutic relationship can help make sense of these patterns, and find ways to articulate and understand what was not previously easy to put into words, and to discover and think through new ways of moving forward. The process of looking at ourselves and the feelings we struggle with can often seem overwhelming and scary, and at the same time it can also be transformative, offering a growing sense of hope and confidence.

I believe that compassion, creativity and respect are vital qualities for creating meaningful change and I offer a confidential and non-judgmental environment in which any issues you may bring can be explored safely and in depth.

I draw on a range of therapeutic orientations according to what is best suited to each person and situation. We can discuss at the start of therapy whether time-limited counselling (6-12 sessions) or longer-term, in-depth therapy would be most helpful for you.